About Us

Our Story

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA a city rich in baking tradition, Crystal is a self taught baker who’s love for baking began with baking cakes and cupcakes for her late father. Soon this small hobby turned into a passion and she began baking sweet treats for family and friends. She now wants to share her gift for baking with others especially those with a love for sweet  treats that matches her own. So Tini Cakes was born, a bakery that specializes in smaller, tasty treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth and your desire for good homemade cakes. Get your taste buds ready!
Come and explore our large range of mouth watering bakery products.

Our Mission

To provide fresh and delicious sweet treats that will make you smile from the inside.

Our Standards

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Creating delicious memories one sweet treat at a time.


Freshly baked everyday!


To bake homemade sweets that will make you desire to come back for more.  We want to be your, your kids’ and your kids’ kids favorite bakery.  This is generational goodness!


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